A Humanitarian Initiative



●     Vision: Delper Ecom a Bangalore based ecommerce startup aims to Mitigate Food Wastage, an Indian startup venture, has set out to transform the grocery shopping experience with an innovative program that offers 48,600,000 Tons of groceries and pre-cooked meals to 270 million employees per year at their doorstep across India not disturbing the existing food chain but by mitigating the food wastage by deploying IoT, AI technologies network. Delper Ecom as a tech-assisted e-commerce initiative aims to overcome the challenges of online shopping with proactive customer service and problem-solving strategies. Delper Ecom customers would avail services offered through 1,35,000 Point of Sale Counters covering every post office across India in 39 Months.


●     Business Model: Employees of various Corporates across India earning a monthly salary of Rs. 12,000-00 and above can place orders on www.delperecom.com for groceries ranging from Rs. 6000 to Rs. 15,000 per month every month through their Company HR Department.

Delper Ecom would invoice the Corporates and supply groceries to the employee’s doorstep upon the HR’s confirmation to supply, such Corporate Customers would allow Delper Ecom to discount the supply bill out of their credit line in their respective Banks and the Banks would collect in 10 Advance Equated Monthly Instalments through the Corporate’s salary deduction process across India.

Delper Ecom ensures the freshness of its products through custom packaging and dispatch processes tailored to individual orders delivered at the customer’s doorstep by combining Indian Railways and Indian Postal Service for Procurement and for Last Mile Delivery. Delper Ecom leverages a dedicated sales office, an Experience Centre and specialized teams for technology and marketing across 39 Locations in India in 24 operating months.

●     Core Team: Delper Ecom’s core team consists of Mr. G. Karthik Bharta, Mr. Venkatesh S Rao, Mr. Satish, Mr. Pankaj Jain, Mr. Rajit, and Mr. Anirudh Karthik Bharta, who are responsible for various aspects of the business such as strategy, vision, finance, sales, marketing, technology, accounting, procurement, packing, delivery, cloud database management, customer experience, media, and publicity.

●     Roadmap: Delper Ecom with an Initial debt of INR 402 crores plans to go to market by April 2024 and ramp up operations in 13 months, aiming to reach a daily transaction volume of   10 million from the 14th operative month.

●     Business Plan: Delper Ecom plans to launch various projects across India in different sectors, such as Industrial Catering, Fashion, Out of Home Advertising, Roof Top Solar Power generation, Quick Service Restaurants, Tele Medicine and Rental Housing, from their internal accruals, and FDI by 2036.

●     Financial Projections: Delper Ecom expects to generate a gross profit of $1.3 trillion per annum, a valuation of $3.56 trillion, and 564 million transactions per month from the 39th operating month.

●     Free Training Program: Delper Ecom aims to provide free training to 270 million employees and their families across India to use mobile ecommerce apps and avail monthly groceries on instalment plans. The training module covers basic mobile ecommerce skills, making purchases on mobile ecommerce apps, utilizing app features for convenience, savings, financial literacy and responsible borrowing.

●     Humanitarian Vision: As a humanitarian project, Delper Ecom provides free training to     270 million households to promote online shopping and creates 5,64,000 indirect employment opportunities in 39 operating months across India.

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