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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for Delper Ecom Sales Process

1. How can I place an order on the Delper Ecom website?

  - To place an order on the Delper Ecom website, add groceries to your shopping cart and provide your employee number and place of work during checkout.

2. How will Delper Ecom receive my order?

  - Your order will be received by Delper Ecom through a WhatsApp message. A copy will also be sent to you and your employer.

3. Can I make changes to my order after placing it?

  - Yes, you can make additions or deletions to your order within 3 days of placing it.

4. What happens after I place an order?

  - Your order will be forwarded to your employer's HR Department for approval, and a written confirmation for salary deduction will be obtained.

5. How does the employer inform Delper Ecom about the order?

  - The employer will send a purchase order to Delper Ecom and inform the Funding Agency of the supply of groceries on 10 EMIs.

6. When will the payment and purchase order be released?

  - The Funding Agency will release payment and purchase order in favour of Delper Ecom's supplier, following your employer's purchase order.

7. How long does it take for the groceries to be delivered?

  - The supplier will pack and send groceries under Delper Ecom's supervision within 15 days as per the purchase order. They will be delivered to your doorstep via a professional courier.

8. Will I receive an acknowledgement of delivery?

  - The courier agency will provide proof of delivery acknowledgement, shared with multiple parties, including the Concerned Sales Executive, Employer, Supplier, Funding Agency, and Delper Ecom.

9. How will the salary deduction for the purchase be made?

  - Your employer will deduct 10 EMIs from your salary and send them to the Funding Agency as monthly instalments for 10 consecutive months.

10. Can I track the progress of my order?

  - Contact Delper Ecom for updates or tracking information regarding your order.

11. What if I have a problem with the delivered groceries?

  - In case of issues with delivered groceries, reach out to Delper Ecom for assistance and resolution.

12. Can I cancel my order after the 3-day window?

  - Unfortunately, cancellations cannot be made after the 3-day window. Please make any changes or cancellations within that time frame.

13. How can I contact Delper Ecom for support?

  - You can reach Delper Ecom's customer support through their provided channels on their website or using the contact information shared during the order process.

14. What if my employer does not sanction the order?

  - If your employer does not sanction the order, you may need to contact them directly to discuss and resolve the issue.